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Investing in gold has never been so popular.Valued for its ability to perform well during times of boom and bust, gold has been trusted by investors all over the world for millennia.

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 The Desire of Gold

Throughout history, gold has always been recognised as a valuable asset. Some of the earliest records describe gold as being desired, both as an art form but also as a form of currency.

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Since gold coins were first struck in around 550 BC, they formed an important foundation to our monetary system. However, treasures containing gold have been discovered which date back from as early as 4000 BC. This means the relevance of this asset has been linked to power and wealth for a considerable time. Even when countries moved away from gold coins and into the convenience of paper money, the ‘gold standard’ meant that this paper currency still retained an important link to gold.

The very nature of what makes gold precious is the rarity and scarcity of the metal, something which has continued to fascinate people to this day. But just how rare is gold? Consider this, gold is so rare that the world produces more steel in an hour than it has poured gold since the beginning of recorded history!

It also has many uses. Over half of the gold used today is used for jewellery and around 25% is used for coins and bars, but it also plays an important role in industry. Technology is a big driver for gold demand, and alongside other precious metals, it’s used in everything from smartphones to electric cars.

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